Client Preference VS My Expertise

There is a Russian saying that I really love… and I’ll be sharing that with you before the end of this write-up.

As a creative in the design, mobile and web app industries for some years now, I have frequently had the problem of conflicting preferences between some of my clients and I. The experience and knowledge I have gathered in my fields are usually some cemented rubrics that make our works firm and formidable for many years. As such, I try to make these come to bear in every work I do, placing value to the customer above personal ease. However, some clients may want to bring their personal desires and preferences onto the drawing board and call almost every shot! What do I do in these situations?

Here comes the Russian quote I have fallen in love with…


In other words, when someone is paying you for something, you’ve got to do what they say. It doesn’t mean you can’t express your authentic point of view and steer them in a different direction. But it does mean that not every client will do what you want them to do.

And that’s okay. At iTEK GH, not one client does every single thing I want them to do. Not one.

Sometimes, we’ll just tell them to go with a different agency. Other times, we’ll do what they want, depending on what feels right.

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